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Some call him a visionary. Others call him a pioneer.  But his mom named him Marcin.

The inventor of the PushDick was born of modest means and dreamed of a better world in which to work wood. The youngest of two boys, Marcin grew up in the neighborhoods of Puyallup and never milked a cow in his life. He recently successfully fertilized two eggs of an adult female human and currently spends a majority of his time ensuring their successful growth through the adolescent stage.


During kids' nap times and the wife's Grey's Anatomy marathons, Marcin took on woodworking. Not being satisfied with the available selection of table saw appendages, he knew there had to be a better way.

The epiphany came during a shower when Marcin looked down and saw what would become the inspiration for the Pushdick. His hands. A split second mistake on the table saw would potentially destroy the very thing that makes him delicious cheddar and mayo sandwiches. This was not acceptable.

After thorough design and testing, the PushDick came to be.  Made of high-grade Russian Ply, the PushDick will keep coming no matter how hard you beat it.



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